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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Share A Giggle

When I happen to find something that makes me laugh, I find that it makes me laugh just has hard every single time. I'm not sure why, though.


Anywho, I'm sure I've mentioned here once before that I have a slightly "off" sense of humor. Some things can make me laugh so hard I cry while someone else (the hubster) just looks on confused wondering what is SOO funny.

Here are some examples of things that make me laugh REALLY hard. Let's see if we can catch a theme and try to "analyze" my sense of humor, shall we?

First up: The Office Season 2: The Dundies

Click this link to watch since I can't embed it. It's funny stuff. :)

It's hard to pick just one scene from this movie...the whole thing cracks me up. I give you Napoleon Dynamite.

Who can forget the movie Anchorman??

And how about A Mighty Wind? "Wha Happen?"

And finally, for good measure, SNL.

Have you made a full analysis of me?  ;)

I hope you enjoyed a giggle or 2.



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