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Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Fling! Live Giveaway #3 CLOSED

Welcome to the final giveaway of the Spring Fling!!

Tonight, we're giving away a Leapster2 +2 games and a Step2 Water Rush Quarry.

These prizes are huge so there's a little more work involved here. Pay attention to the rules to make sure you've entered correctly. GIVEAWAY CLOSED
  1. If you're entering for the Leapster2 and/or the Step2 table, you must FIRST comment on the review posts I've linked. Some of you have already done that so you're all set with your first entry.
  2. Your FIRST COMMENT IN THE LIVE GIVEAWAY, must be about what you've entered for PLUS YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. For example: "I'm entered for both giveaways tonight."
  3. comment number 700 wins the Leapster2 and comment number 1000 wins the Step2 Water Rush Quarry. DO NOT COMMENT TWICE IN A ROW.
  4. After I've gone through the comments and deleted the d.q.'s, I will announce the winners.

Good luck!!!!


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