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Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Fling! Step 2 Review

Step 2 is a brand name that my family loves and trusts to entertain Alex and the little one on the way. The quality and durability put into each product means it can stand up to years and years of use and fun.

We were able to review the Water Rush Quarry in our home. I can tell you now, this will be a HIT this Spring/Summer in our home. 

Now, winter hasn't quite left us yet. (There is a snow storm finishing up here as I type.) Already, though, this toy is a hit and we haven't put any sand in it yet.  

What I love about the Water Rush Quarry is the versatility of it. It can be played with closed, or you can open it up and make it into a completely different play experience.



Oh yes, I must also mention another part I love about this item. In the sand box, there is a plug to make emptying much easier. Don't worry about standing water, or figuring out how to dump it out. Just pull the plug and let the mess take care of itself. Nice, huh?

There will be a live giveaway for this at 6pm tonight. I'll give you a bit of a head start, though. Your first entry includes leaving a comment on THIS post. 

Please visit Step 2 and tell me about another fantastic item you've found.



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