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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bright Star Kids (review)


Bright Star Kids is an adorable company who makes everything from labels for your little one's belongings to wall graphics for your little one's room. These products are made with wonderful quality and adorable design. 

In our home, we were able to try out some wall graphics for Alex's room. He's a big race car lover so we chose the Super Cars Wall Graphics. As soon as these arrived to our home, Alex was VERY excited and wanted me to put it up for him right away.

I used the different decals as I thought was best for his room and put it up. Some of the road stickers were straight and some were curved so I could design his race track however I wanted. There were also car decals to place along with a "start" and "finish" line. I loved the detail put into these wall graphics. Here's what we came up with.

Alex loves looking at his cars and pointing to each one while naming the color he sees. Obviously, it goes well with his bed too. :)

There are many other Wall Graphics to choose from. Be sure to hop over to Bright Star Kids and shop their store today. 

Thanks to Family Review Network and Bright Star Kids for this review opportunity.



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