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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shoe Shopping for My Summer Pregnancy

This will be my first Summer-long pregnancy. I've been shopping around high and low, here and there, for things that will make my life easier.

I love wearing flip-flops but I realize that the flat, foam ones I bought last year are not quite the right ones to be wearing while my pregnant belly continues to grow. Therefore, I began searching for supportive sandals. These will help me stay cool AND support my ever-changing body.

So what did I find? (Mind you, I have yet to buy them. I should get on that, huh?)
I found these beauties: Athens sandals made by Crocs. (These are the 3 colors I would love to own.)


Canvas  & Turquoise

Charcoal & Cotton Candy

 Pearl & Turquoise

I would wear these with any and everything. I promise. I love the way the shoe holds your foot and is as comfortable as a slipper.

I wear a size 7~7 1/2. Who's buying? ;) 

(I'm trying to decide which shade I should buy first just in case they are the ONLY ones I am able to buy.)


What color would you buy? 

Any other tips on supportive, summer shoes for pregnant women?



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