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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday ~ 2

It's time, once again, to go into the photo archives of the Mrs. It's really interesting the things you can find if you just dig to the bottom of the shoe box.

I give you, my very first homecoming. (I've cropped out 2 people to protect their identity.)

Yes, that goofball was my very first love. I was in 9th grade and he did not go to my school so I had to get permission to bring him. (insert eye-roll here) Also, the rules about the dresses girls were allowed to wear were so strict, I chose to buy a pretty pant-suit instead. Isn't that sad? I was comfortable but MAN, what a strict school. Hmph! Oh yah...I almost forgot...there was NO DANCING at this homecoming. NO WAY. You show up, listen to music and eat. That's it. 

Don't you wish you went to my school? lol 

I'll give them credit and say they did loosen up after a few years but we had to "fight for our right to paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty." (If you want to call it a "party".)

Well, finding this picture helped me start my morning with a giggle. I wonder what ever happened to that goofy guy.

Don't forget to visit Kari to play along!



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