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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Poll Is Up!

If you look on the sidebar, above the baby ticker, you will see the poll where you can vote on whether I'm going to have a boy or a girl. This will be open to take votes until June 10th (the day of my ultrasound). When I get home from the ultrasound, I'll write an official announcement to let you know the answer. (Let's hope the baby cooperates and lets us see.)

To help your guesses along, I have compiled a list of Old Wives' Tales that may (or may not) help you make an educated guess.

  1. If you check this post, you'll see that a ring on a string spins in a circle rather than going back and forth when held over my wrist.
  2. Is my leg hair growing back faster or the same as pre-pregnancy?  Faster
  3. Are my nails growing faster and stronger than before pregnancy or the same? Faster and stronger
  4. Morning sickness or none? Morning sickness (hallelujah for the second trimester)
  5. Am I craving sweet or sour? Sweet
  6. Is my butt getting big? (this is a serious old wives' tale, folks) Nope
  7. Are my feet colder than before pregnancy or the same? The same
  8. What is the baby's heart rate? In the high 150's 
  9. Am I craving orange juice? (technically, no but I do crave big, juicy oranges so...) Yes
  10. Am I carrying high or low? I'm carrying higher than I did with Alex.
  11. Is my tummy shaped like a beach ball or a watermelon? Beach ball
  12. Does the baby kick to the right more or to the left? Right
  13. Is my husband gaining weight? Nope
 So, there you have it. Those are my answers to the old wives' tales. What do you think I'm having?

Don't forget to vote on the sidebar!!



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