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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Amon Maternity: Belly Band (review)


During pregnancy, your body grows and changes...a lot. There is nothing like comfort and support to help you get through all 3 trimesters of changes. This is what inspired the Band from Amon Maternity

(not my belly. photo taken from the website)

The Band is made from light, breathable microfiber. It fits comfortably but snugly to give extra back support. Also, since it's made of microfiber, it can be worn under clothing without showing through. Finally, the belly area stretches to fit you through every part of your pregnancy. 

I was given one of these to try out for myself. I've worn it quite a few times under tops and no one has seen or noticed it. What I love about the Band is how comfortable it is. I could describe it's feeling as something that gently hugs my belly for just enough support throughout the day.Also, it comes in 3 colors so you can be sure it won't show through a top that's on the sheer side.

The whole idea behind the Band is that it is a sleek way to replace the bulky, pregnancy support belts. This is wonderful as I lent mine out after my first pregnancy and never had it returned to me. Now, I have something I can wear every day without worry of trying to disguise the bump around my back and belly.

There are many other fabulous items available at Amon Maternity. They sell a maternity Brief and Skivvies as well as a Bodyshaper for post-natal wear.

If you or someone you know is pregnant, the Band would make a wonderful gift. Thank you to Amon Maternity and Mom Fuse for this opportunity.



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