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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Crave...Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce (review) giveaway closed

There's nothing like a good bowl of ice cream on a summer night. But if you want to turn that "good bowl" into a "great bowl" of ice cream, you need Somebody's Mother's sauce.

This sauce comes in three, yummy flavors as you can see pictured above. My family was lucky enough to try all three. Now, I'm not a big fan of white chocolate, so the hubster tried that out for me and gave me his review of that flavor. He REALLY liked it and will have no problem polishing off that jar all by himself. The caramel and chocolate flavors are to die for. These sauces taste like exclusive, gourmet sauces that are hard to come by and very pricey. The chocolate tastes almost like fudge and the caramel is very rich in flavor.

The good news? You can order your own sauce any time you want and you will get 9.5 oz for $10. Believe me when I say, it is well worth every cent.

Here is a bit of info about Somebody's Mother's sauces from the website:

"When Somebody’s Mother’s three children were little, Somebody’s Mother hoped that their summer lemonade stands, which focused on advertising, cash flow and customer service, in addition to flipping quarters, would awaken in them an interest in business so that one day they might actually support themselves. Two of the three are now in college studying...acting.
In April 2005, Somebody’s Mother and her children launched a company in order to produce and sell a really great chocolate sauce (made often over the years at home by Somebody’s Mother’s Mother) which can be eaten warm over ice cream, at room temperature fastened to fruit, or cold straight out of the jar. What began as a grown up lemonade stand has become a nearly booming business.
The sauce has no preservatives and Somebody’s Mother has no current plans to infuse it with hibiscus or oil it with lavender. It’s just a plain, no-nonsense chocolate sauce that everybody seems to like. Even chocolate haters like it. Somebody’s Mother hopes you, too, will like it and buy it in great quantities so she can keep the children clothed and fed. For a little while longer."
There is more about Somebody's Mother's Sauce that I want to share with you. On ever lid, is a saying for you to enjoy. These lids are called "Lidlits". If you click that word, you'll see the many different lidlits that have been made thus far and you may also see that you can enter contests to make a lidlit of your own and possibly win a case of chocolate sauce!!

Also, there is an exclusive MP3 you can download on the site for a song called "Chocolate" by Amy Kuney. This song is very cute and Amy is extremely talented. Go ahead and watch the video then click here to download the MP3.

And now for...


Yes, now it's YOUR turn to enjoy some chocolate sauce from Somebody's Mother's. Here's how to win a jar of your own.
  1. Go view the Lidlit page of Somebody's Mother's and tell me your favorite Lidlit quote. (Please visit the site rather than choosing the same one as the person who commented before you.) Include your e-mail address or make sure it's linked to your blogger account.
  2. For additional entries:
    1. Follow me on Blogger
    2. Blog about this giveaway with a link back (include a link to your post in the comments)
    3. Follow me on Twitter @TheMrsC (comment with your twitter name)
    4. Tweet about this giveaway "Win Somebody's Mother's Sauce from the Mrs!" (comment with a link to your tweet. One retweet a day counts for an additional entry)
Please leave a separate comment for each entry and remember to include your e-mail address. This giveaway will run until June 16th @ 8:00pm ET. The winner will be announced and notified by e-mail. I will wait 48 hours for shipping info before I draw another winner.

Good luck!!



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