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Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Just A "Thing"


This is not my car but it's pretty darn close to the real thing. It's a 1999 Ford Explorer. Mine has 4 doors but who cares, right?

My car was "sick" as we explained to Alex and needed to be taken to the shop. My air conditioning stopped working and, well, we can't have that. (At least not with a toddler and pregnant mom in the car.)

Of we go to the car shop. We figure, about seventy or so dollars later, we would be nice and cool again. The hubster and I took Alex to his pediatrician while we waited for word on the car. (Alex may have some seasonal allergies and should be fine after we begin giving him meds regularly.) As we walked out of the office, the hubster said he missed a phone call from the shop and called them back. The news was not good.

The compressor in my engine is shot and needs to be replaced. That will cost around $500. (sigh) No big deal. We have the cash and can fix that.

But wait! There's more!

The mechanic ran a diagnostic on the engine since the check engine light was on.


There are 2 error codes coming up in our transmission and the shop we took the car to does not do transmission work. After further investigation (thanks to Google) we found out that the problem may cost only a couple hundred dollars to fix OR it could cost upwards of $1800. WOW, that's a big number! Obviously, we're hoping for the smaller of the 2.  For now, we opted out of fixing the compressor. If the transmission cost an outrageous amount of money to fix, we'll be in the market for a new car. (The car will be looked at on Monday for an estimate and possible repair).

So what's the good news?

1. The car is paid-off. HALLELUJAH for that!
2. Our credit is in great condition and our savings has been building. AMEN TO THAT!
3. God has everything all figured out. We just need to buckle in and go along for the ride. WOOHOO!

So, while this could be a very stressful time, the hubster and I choose not to be stressed out. The car is just a car (just a "thing", really) and the problem will be taken care of...whatever that means. The End.

Life is so much easier with a little faith in the "big man upstairs". There are much worse things that could happen right now and we're thankful for what we have as well as for our health.

Is it weird that such a "pickle" can cause someone to be joyful?

It's gonna be alright....

Blowing Bubble



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