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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pregnancy Update/Coffee Talk: 20 Weeks

We did it! Eliana and I have made it to the half-way mark in wonderful health and strength. Every day, I feel her move around more and am reminded of how quickly she's growing. It's amazing and beautiful to connect with her as she rolls and jabs. She seems to have a knack for somersaults...perhaps she's a future gymnast or competitive swimmer. We'll have to wait and see just who Eliana is. Only time will tell.

At my check-up, they found that everything measures perfectly, and my OB is so excited that I'll be having the little girl I told her I was going to have at my first check-up. The ultrasound turned out perfect and we were given the "so far, so good". Soon, I'll be needing a shot since my blood type is O negative. (I'm not sure when that appointment is just yet.) Most of the time, when mom is O negative, baby is O positive and they give the shot to make sure we get along during the pregnancy and afterward. This was the case with Alex.

Meanwhile, I'm not posting a vlog today due to a terrible headache. I'm drinking lots of fluids and resting to make sure I'm taking the best care I can of baby and myself.

OH! I must mention how cute and wonderful my Dad is. He sent roses to me (via my mom who works blocks away from my home). They are 2, pink roses. One for his little girl and one for the little girl on the way. (sniff, sniff) Isn't he so thoughtful? I thought it was sweet and then began to get teary eyed as I put them in a vase. I'll post pictures later so I can show off. ;)

Coffee Talk Question:
Who makes the cutest baby clothes (in your opinion)? I'm in the market for some clothes for Eliana and love finding new stores or websites. Bring on your suggestions.

Don't forget, there's a giveaway on the sidebar ending tonight! I have more coming soon so "don't touch that dial". :)

It's a Beautiful Thing



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