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Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Currently, my family is in "limbo" concerning a few things in our life. We're unsure of what the final outcome will be on a couple things and we're also getting ready to make changes to our home in preparation for the miracle that will be added to our family this fall.
In the meantime, we're prayerful that we're taking steps in the right direction and patiently waiting things out. 

I consider this a time of "unfolding"; just like the beautiful rose bud pictured above.  This is a cabbage rose and has A LOT of unfolding to do until it becomes a beautiful bloom. I think it can apply to many things in life. Sometimes, it may feel like the "unfolding" will never end and we'll never be done with that phase. However, it's important to hang in there with patience and faith. 

In the end, I know my family will be in the right place and am confident that with a little prayer, we'll make the right decision.

Until then, I'm happy for the beauty of each stage. 




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