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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All Things Baby ~ Buggy Bubble (review)



Keeping a baby safe from UV rays, rain, snow, and insects is one of the most important, yet, sometimes one of the hardest things to do with just one item. This is the exact reason that the Buggy Bubble was created. 

I was sent one of these to review. Although, the baby isn’t yet here for me to “officially” try this out, I already know it’s going to be very helpful and can’t wait to put it to use.

When Alex was an infant, the only thing close to this item that I could find was a shade that hooked onto the canopy of his stroller. This protected him from the sun and bugs….in the front. The sides were wide open for exposure. However, if it were to rain, I would need a separate cover for that. The same goes for his car seat. I could find one cover to do one job but not one cover to do all the way the Buggy Bubble does.

Here are some of the pictures I took to share with you. I apologize that the Buggy Bubble isn’t on an actual car seat. Our car seat is in storage for now.

IMG_2421 IMG_2429

IMG_2428 IMG_2425

I love how easily the Buggy Bubble stores in its case when it’s not needed. I also like the elastic around the bottom of it. This helps is fit onto the car seat easily without breaking a sweat.

This Buggy Bubble also fits on many styles of car seats including Peg Perego, Graco Snugride, Graco Safeseat, and Maxi Cosi.

Buy It:

You can click here to see a list of stores/websites where you can purchase the Buggy Bubble for $40. I highly suggest adding this to your registry or purchasing this for yourself/as a gift for someone else.



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