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Friday, July 3, 2009

Beco Baby Carrier (review)


When you’re making your list of things you need for a baby on the way, you HAVE to include a good baby carrier. I remember using one when Alex was an infant so he could fall asleep and I could have my hands free.

Now, the carrier I had for Alex was not as nice as the one I’m about to tell you about. It was not comfortable for me or him. (I remember using burp rags for padding.)

Well, I will not need to worry about that for my little girl since receiving the Beco Baby Carrier.  I was given a Butterfly 2 carrier in the “Grace” style. It’s just beautiful.


IMG_2436 IMG_2437

Included with the purchase of a Beco Baby Carrier, you receive:

  • Baby Carrier
  • Head Rest (Hood) {pictured above}
  • Infant Insert
  • DVD Instructions
  • Owner’s Manual

I mentioned above that I had to use burp rags to make things comfortable for Alex as an infant in the carrier I had at the time.  Thanks to the infant insert in the Beco Baby Carrier, I don’t have to worry about that at all. In fact, I know my little girl will be comfortable and safely held while in the infant insert.  Here’s a video to show you what makes the infant insert so cozy for any baby.

As my little girl grows, I can carry her different ways on the front and also on my back with very little trouble. The support and comfort that the Beco Baby Carrier offers me is quite honestly “top of the line”.  I love that I can fit it snuggly to get the best support possible.

I especially love the many different designs there are to choose from on the website. You can be sure to find the perfect one to suit you and your style.

Buy it:

You can find your “perfect for you” Beco baby carrier for $14o on their website or you can find the retailer  closest to you.

Trust me, you want to add this carrier to your list of things for baby.

Thanks to Beco and Mom Fuse for the opportunity to review this amazing baby carrier.



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