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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My “Spendervention” at TJMaxx and Marshalls

For this Spring into Summer season, I was able to work with TJMaxx and Marshalls with a “Spendervention” challenge. These stores have many items, from clothing to house wares, for below the retail price.

My challenge was to see how much I could get for $25 at each store. Each time, I spent below $25 and also was able to get exactly what I needed.

Clipboard01At TJMaxx, my goal was to pick up some things for the little lady on the way. I wanted to find some onesies and a blanket. So, off I went to see what I could find. For under $25, I walked out of the store with:


First, I found a 5 pack of Carter’s onesies.

IMG_2288   IMG_2289 These are great quality onesies that retail for at least $15 per 5 pack. These were on clearance for $7.50.

Happy about that deal, I went on to shop for a receiving blanket for the baby. Again, I wanted great quality and nothing that would shrink after washing or lose its soft texture. I found this:



This blanket is made of very soft cotton and it double sided. It’s a flat pink fabric on the opposite side of the blanket from the flower print side. This retails for $5.00 or more and I got it for $3.99. Not doing too bad so far.

Since I had extra money, I went to look for a toy for the baby. I wanted to find something cute and girlie. Here’s what I found:



This adorable, pink, poodle is a rattle from Infantino. It has a hook on it so I can attach it to the handle on the baby’s car seat or in the stroller.  This dog retail for $6.00 and I got it for $3.99.

With still more money left on the gift card, I decided to let Alex pick something out since he was such a good helper to me in the store. Here’s what he picked:


This is a wooden train that goes with his Thomas & Friends set. This train is a lights and sounds train (to be specific) that makes noises as is moves down the track. These sell for $11.00 or more in the store and we picked it up for $6.00 on clearance. Alex was in heaven with this.

Now, on to Marshalls!


At Marshalls, my goal was to pick up some new things for the bathroom at home.  I desperately needed a new soap dispenser and something for Alex to put his toothbrush in. I wanted something that was nice and would last for a while so I wasn’t too worried about the price. Here’s what I decided on:


This set is made by Hotel Twenty One. These are great, ceramic pieces. What I like most about them is their foam finish that keeps them from slipping on the counter.



Together, these 2 things would cost $23.00 before tax. I got the pair for $12.98. Wow! What a savings.  This came in way under my $25 spending goal so I let Alex pick something out and found one other thing we need.

Here’s what Alex chose:



This is a 4 pack of wooden puzzles from Melissa & Doug. This retails for $10 and we only paid $6.99 for it. 

Since I still had money left, I browsed through the children’s area and found a cup for Alex to use. He really needed a new sippy cup and the one we found was just perfect.

IMG_2294     IMG_2295

This cup has a straw in it, a clip on it for a pocket or belt, and the price was more than reasonable. Regularly, this cup would cost $10 and we paid only $2.99 for it.

At both stores, I was able to find exactly what I need for way less than I budgeted to spend. Because of that, I was able to let Alex pick something fun and get other things I need.

Take $25 to your local TJMaxx or Marshalls store and see how much you can buy!


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