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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scrunch Bottle Bib (review)


Clipboard07 I can remember the frustration of bottle feeding my son as well as other infants I cared for before I became a mom. I had to develop some sort of strategy with a burp rag to keep milk from dripping down to the baby’s neck. I tried my hardest to keep those baby necks clean but it was extremely difficult.

It seems that I’m not alone with my frustration, though. An aunt of 4 came up with an invention to help spare the parents and caregivers of this very issue. Her answer is the Scrunch Bottle Bib from Wee Baby Inc.

The Scrunch Bottle Bib securely wraps around any size bottle and has an attached, soft, 100% cotton bib to catch dribbles and drips before they have a chance to reach baby’s neck. What’s more, this product is Pediatrician recommended as it helps to avoid rashes and skin irritation due to bottle messes.

Since my next baby won’t be here for another 3 months, I’ll show you how this works by using the demonstration video from the Wee Baby Inc. website.

I love the fact that you can reverse the Scrunch Bottle Bib and use the other side. This will work perfectly for family outings and such. Also, being machine washable is a huge help as well. I don’t need to worry about ruining it since I know I’ll be washing it over and over again.


The Scrunch Bottle Bib is available in Pink, Blue, Green, and Yellow. For my review, I was sent the Green style. I like the fact that these come in neutral colors. Now I can buy one for other babies on the way and not worry about picking the wrong, gender-specific color.

Buy It:

You can purchase a Scrunch Bottle Bib today for only $7.99 a piece by clicking the link. Also, you can purchase Baby Shower Gift Sets in a variety of color choices. Prices vary depending the set you choose.

Thanks to Family Review Network and Wee Baby Inc. for the review opportunity!



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