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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Three Hour Test…A Three Hour Test…

I survived the 3 hour glucose test this morning. Thankfully, the hospital had Wi-Fi and I was able to bring my laptop.

I can tell you, as much as I love sweets, that sugary drink was TERRIBLE. Blech! It gave me heartburn and made me pretty tired once it worked its way into my system. Beyond that, I felt fine and counted down the hours until I could eat the yummy food that was waiting for me in my car.

*Thanks to the Skype Girls for helping me pass the time. Without being able to chat with you ladies, I don’t know what I would have done.*

While I was in the waiting room, I witnessed some interesting things. (I just love to people watch.) First, a nurse barged in and pitched a fit that a sample she had sent down to the lab was rejected as it was too old. She was told to sit and wait to speak to the head nurse in the lab. After about 2 minutes, she stood up and announced, “I can’t wait any longer. I want to know why the sample I sent down is no good.” After that, she was escorted to the back and they figured everything out…I think.

Next, a man sitting a chair away from me decided to lean over and watch as I had a conversation with my friends on Skype. Well, I decided enough was enough and turned the laptop slightly toward him. After that, I typed that a creepy man was leaning over and reading our chat. The girls all said “hi” to the creepy man after which, he took out his cell phone to play a game on there. It made me giggle to myself. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to read over someone’s shoulder when you should be minding your own business. LOL

Finally, a “wonderful” woman came in to have blood drawn and wanted to know “Why? Why? Why?” her doctor ordered this blood test before she went to see him today. I felt bad for the nurse at the desk. She was less than thrilled to have that line of questioning but she was smart and kept her head down.

So you see? I had quite an eventful 3 hours. Now, I sit and wait to see if I get another phone call. In this case, no news is good news so let’s hope I can avoid the phone call.



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