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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling Good…Feeling Sleepy

Today’s appointment went really well.  I met with the other OB in the practice so I’m familiar with her should my OB not be there for my delivery.

*side note* I had already met this Dr. when I was in labor with Alex. My OB was busy in a surgery and she decided to stop in and say “Hi” and check on my progress. She also did Alex’s circumcision the next morning as my OB was on her way to FL for vacay.

During my appointment, we talked about how close I came to having gestational diabetes and what I can do to keep myself in the best health possible. I must cut way back on my carbs (seriously don’t want to…but…) and replace those type of snacks with protein rich foods. She suggested I make protein shakes and eat yogurt if I feel like snacking. I guess I’ll go back to making my fruit smoothies with yogurt. Those are delicious!

The third trimester is really taking it’s toll now. I woke up early this morning with Alex but felt completely fine. Now, after going to my appointment this morning and opening a few boxes from FedEx, I’m completely pooped.  It’s strange how very tired I can get.

Speaking of tired…

I think I’ll nap to another good report.

Here’s to being 30 weeks along!



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