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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hot Mama Gowns (review)


I’ve learned many things from my first birthing experience to help me figure out how to make my hospital stay easier and more comfortable this time around.

The latest of these “finds” for me comes from Hot Mama Gowns. At this website, I found 100% organic cotton gowns that can be worn instead of an  uncomfortable hospital gown.  For this review, I received a Hot Mama Gown in the “Cynthia” fabric print.


DSCN0350It arrived in this beautiful box. 


Inside the box is information about the gown itself with an invitation to share your personal Hot Mama Gown pictures with their online photo gallery. Oh! Did you see the pretty, pink tissue paper?

DSCN0352 Here’s the beautiful gown all folded up in the tissue paper.

DSCN0353 Here is the gown unfolded to show the front panels for nursing and the pretty lavender ties that you use to access one side or the other.

DSCN0354This picture shows the back of the gown. These snaps are handy for spinals or epidurals allowing the doctor an easy way to access your back.

The organic cotton is very soft and will be the best way to stay comfortable while in labor and even well after childbirth. When I return home from the hospital, I can use this gown as a nightgown for nursing. 

This gown is beautifully designed and very well put together. I honestly can not wait to show up at the hospital and toss their uncomfortable, blue gown aside while announcing, “I have my own, thank you.” The nurses will appreciate the short sleeves so they can access my arms for iv’s, blood draws, and blood pressure checks. I’ll appreciate the comfort of the organic cotton, the front nursing panels, and being able to wash it and use it at home afterward.

Hot Mama Gowns made a YouTube video to show just how easy it is to use the nursing panels on the gown. Take a look.

Finally, here’s a bit of information from the website about how Hot Mama Gowns came to be:

“The idea for Hot Mama Gowns was born at the same time my daughter was born, in May of 2006! After having an awesome pregnancy and a pretty swift, uncomplicated delivery I had the clarity to really evaluate my surroundings — namely the itchy, chemical smelling, faded hospital gown I was wearing. I couldn’t wait to change into something that was comfortable — but pajamas weren’t really an option right after delivery — so I started to brainstorm what I wanted, and what would make me feel good. Since I try to eat as much organic food as possible, why not design an organic hospital gown; what better fabric for my newborn to be laid on seconds after birth than something from the Earth, that’s natural…but I didn’t want it to be boring or look like a generic hospital gown. I also wanted to design it so breastfeeding could be easy and I could remain covered while doing it (countless visitors at all times — I needed to be prepared for anyone and everyone walking in!) and so after two years of scribbling down notes several times a week and buying a sewing machine and creating proto-types I decided to get this Hot Mama idea going! And here we are today!”

Buy It!

You can purchase a gown from Hot Mama Gowns for yourself or as a gift for $149.  There are 6 beautiful styles to choose from so you’re sure to find the perfect one.


*This review is based on my personal opinion. I received no payment beyond a product to review.


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