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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hasbro Gift Ideas (Reviews~post 1 of 3)



As always, Hasbro has a lot of wonderful gift ideas for children. For the next 3 days, I’ll be sharing with you some items that I’ve had a chance to review and also be offering a giveaway!

First up, are the adorable, themed Mr. Potato Head toys. These are priced at only $9.99 a piece and come in a few different themes. mr potato head


For review, I was sent the adorable Fryer Fighter.  I think this character is adorable and immediately knew Alex would love him. (My son is a huge fan of fire trucks). I also love the mustache on this guy.

Most of us can remember owning and playing with our own Mr. or Mrs. Potato head in our early years. I have my own fond memories and can’t wait for my son to create his own memories with Mr. Potato Head.




Next, from Hasbro, we have the new and improved PLAY-DOH  Burger Builder.



This set is for ages 3+ and retails for only $17.99. With the Burger Builder,   children can use the different colors and stamps to create the perfect burger. There are stamps for buns, pickles, lettuce, meat, tomatoes, and onions.  There is also a super cool Twist-A-Chip tool that children can use to make potato chips.  Other items in the kit are pictured to the right.

PLAY-DOH is a huge hit in this house with my son and I love finding ways to expand his play and imagination with the kits available. It keeps him interested and this set encourages the little chef in him.

Both of the toys mentioned in this post are perfect ideas for holiday purchases. Both Mr. Potato Head and PLAY-DOH are classic choices and you just can’t go wrong with adding them to your shopping list.



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