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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Samantha Who? 2nd Season on DVD!!

samantha who 

The 2nd and final season of Samantha Who? was released last Tuesday, August 25th. Luckily, I was sent the season for review and could not wait to pop it in to my DVD player. 

I was a huge fan of Samantha Who? during its first season. I watched it every week. When the 2nd season came on, I made every attempt to watch it but it seemed like it either collided with something else that was on or I was already in bed since I’m pregnant and tired.

Christina Applegate is funny and charming in this series. I found myself really rooting for her character, Samantha. Then of course, her co-stars are wonderful and funny. Jennifer Esposito (of “Crash”) and Melissa McCarthy (of “Gilmore Girls”) are Christina’s sidekicks and their chemistry is great. You would think they’ve been friends forever.

The basic plot of the story is Samantha gets hit by a car and has amnesia. She struggles to remember who she was before the accident. When she learns the kind of person she was, she calls that part of her “bad Samantha” and tries her hardest to change and be a better person.

I would suggest this series to anyone who loves “chick flicks”, love stories, comedies, and drama. You’ll find it all in this show.

Here is a bit of an interview with Christina Applegate about the show and her battle with breast cancer.

Is it fun to play a mean girl like Samantha Newly?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: It definitely is fun to play a mean girl. Samantha gets away with so much because of her confidence and the way she looks. I get very exhausted playing her because she has so many different sides to her character, but it's also very fun. I really enjoy working on the show.

How are things changing for Samantha in the second season?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: The first season explored the idea of someone trying to find out who she really was. We take our past, our history and our experiences with us wherever we go, but this character didn’t know anything about her life before the accident. She had a lot of exploring to do in the first season – but now she's two years old. She's had enough experiences to see what her interests are on the surface level, but we delve a little deeper in season two.

What does Samantha discover in season two?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: We look into how she feels about love. We also look into what kind of friendships and career she wants. There are also parts of her that are now becoming a little jaded, too. It’s a very interesting and fun season.

What happens to Samantha’s love life?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: During the second season, her love life is going in many different directions – but that's part of her trying to figure out who she is. She is trying to work out which person she wants and not which person is best for her because of what someone else says. Who’s that person? I don’t know. Todd is always there. There's so much comfort in her relationship with Todd, but I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

The show is very funny… How often do you crack up and laugh in the middle of a scene?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: I try not to laugh. I try to stay as professional as I possibly can – but sometimes you can't help it. Melissa McCarthy [who plays Dena on the show] is a very funny person and there are things that she does that tickle me, so I've definitely been known to lose it and ruin her takes. I try not to, though.

Are you envious of the way Samantha can reinvent herself?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: Definitely. You get to say, "I wasn't there." You get away with a lot. Who wouldn’t be envious of that?

Do you think viewers of the show would like the chance to reinvent themselves?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: Definitely – and I honestly think you can do it if you want to do it. Scientists say that you shed your skin every day, so you are literally brand new every morning. You have the opportunity to change your life right now because the past is gone and every day is a new day. The future doesn't exist and it's only what we have right now that's tangible. Saying that, I don't think I'd want to be someone with retrograde amnesia because that's very frightening. It's a very scary place to be.

How important has your relationship with your mother – another survivor of breast cancer – been during this time?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: She's been wonderful. I don’t want to talk about this too much, but when you go through something like this, the people that you need around you the most are the ones who have been through it. As much as everybody else in my life has been fantastic, they'll never get what it feels like. They will never fully understand that.

We talk about Samantha always learning things about herself, but what have you personally learned about yourself in the last year?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: I've always been a ‘push-through’ kind of person and this has become more apparent to me recently. It’s in my nature. I broke my foot a couple years on Broadway and I pushed through. I never think anything is going to take me down, so it was natural for me to push through and continue working and doing what I love to do when I faced this new challenge. I’m happy I’m a ‘push-through’ kind of person – and I’ll continue to push through.



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