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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Scoop-a-loop

In my monday mingle, I talked about my foot injury and my OB appointment that was scheduled for yesterday. I thought I’d give you a quick update on what is going on.

First, my foot. I tore a ligament in my foot (it’s not broken! Hooray!) However, I do have a “fancy” new shoe that I get to wear over my wrapped foot when I got out. I also have 2 nifty crutches.

*Being pregnant and using crutches is quite tricky. Hopefully in a day or two, I’ll be done with the crutches and be back to normal.

In just an hour, I’ll be heading to back to my OB’s office for an ultrasound. For the first time, I’m measuring small. In fact, I measure exactly the same as I did 2 weeks ago. This could mean a few things. It could mean that the baby is just a small baby but perfectly fine. It could mean that I’m low in fluid. It could mean that the baby’s positioned in a weird way that throws off the measuring. There are other possibilities as well.

I’m excited to get the ultrasound and see my baby again. I’m not worried about measuring small at all. I know that she’s moving around A LOT and even keeping me up at night with her movements. :)

If there is cause for concern, I’ll be called and make an appointment to see my OB again sooner than my next appointment on Tuesday.

In any case, at 36 weeks, there’s not much cause for concern. The baby can be born any time now and be perfectly healthy. 

That’s the scoop-a-loop for now. I’ll keep you posted should I find out anything.



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