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Sunday, November 29, 2009

House Blend ~ I Can’t Hear You!


The hubster and I have been rotating on Sundays since Eliana was born. This way, we both get to attend church semi-regularly while keeping our baby girl healthy at home.  Today was my turn to go and I have to honestly say, it was quite a struggle to get myself motivated let alone enthusiastic to go.

It started last night. Something about the meal we ate at dinner didn’t sit well with me and my stomach was in knots all evening. Then, while we were sleeping, Eliana woke up earlier than normal and screamed to be fed. Her cry was worse than usual and really stressed me out. Stressed out on top of not feeling well is not a great combo for me.

This morning, we woke up and my stomach was still hurting. Alex was out of been way earlier than he normally wakes up and this meant he was wonderfully whiny. (Can you hear the sarcasm?) 

I pressed on and got myself together while still focused on the goal of getting out the front door with Alex.  On our way to church, it seemed like every slow and raging driver was on the road at once. Naturally, the slow drivers were making the raging drivers…well…rage. And then there was me in my van just trying to get to church.

You get the picture. One thing after another was piling up creating stress, anxiety, unhappiness, irritability…NOISE.

By the time I got to church I had to shake myself to alertness. I had to press in. I had to choose to hear what the word was for the day. I had to choose to hear what God was trying to say through the message given by the pastor.

Have you experienced the “noise” that happens between man and God? Have you ever felt that “I can’t hear you” feeling? It’s frustrating to say the least. It sometimes makes us question God’s existence. It sometimes brings us to a conclusion of disbelief.

I love the way this song puts all my thoughts into words when I’m really struggling to break through “the noise”. I hope it rings true for you too.


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