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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Color Me “Super”

Mmmmhm, that’s right. I said "SUPER”.

This morning I was getting my kiddos ready to take Alex to his 2 year old program. This was the first time I had to prepare Eliana to come with us as she had spent the past few weeks at home with the hubster while I went to school with Alex.

Getting ready was no easy feat, however. I started over an hour before we had to go by trying to get my makeup on. Eliana was sleeping and Alex was being distracted by a show on TV. Suddenly, Eliana started crying so I went to check on her.

Pacifier in mouth. Problem solved. 

…back to getting ready…

Then, Alex started climbing on top of the TV stand. What? You’ve got to be kidding me! He NEVER does stuff like that.

Get the toddler down. Tell him why he can’t climb on the TV stand. Problem solved.

…back to getting ready…

Ha! Eliana started crying again!

**Do you see the pattern of craziness going on here?**

I decided to pop Eliana into her sling while I got myself looking AT LEAST human and figured Alex would be fine. He, instead, decided that listening was SOO “Yesterday” and proceeded to run up and down the hallway while yelling “Woooo Woooo! Train’s coming! Wooo Wooo!” at the top of his lungs.

Ha again!

I decided to keep breathing and keep getting things together while choosing my battles carefully. Oh! And I remembered to hit the Keurig before I hit the door.

MMMM. Coffee AND listening to Kari Jobe’s peaceful and relaxing CD in the van was just what we all needed to chill before arriving at school.


Color me “Super”.



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