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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Christmas Was…

All over the map this year. I experienced so many emotions in one day and I’m afraid to look in the mirror to count the gray hairs that have sprung up.

First, there was pure excitement and happiness as my little family sat around the tree to open presents. Alex was the star of the show and opened gift after gift. (He even opened Eliana’s gifts for her). I loved seeing his little face light up and hearing him say things like, “Oh, wow! This is my cool Buzz Righthear” (or Lightyear if you don't speak toddlereese). We had a wonderful time together.

Then, we drove to my parent’s home for breakfast in the pouring rain. We had a nice visit over there, opened some gifts, ate yummy food, and spent some time catching up with my little brother who was home from college.

After breakfast, we headed back home to catch some rest before Christmas dinner at my in-law’s and this is where the day gets hairy. Alex, who was buzzed up on Christmas cheer refused to take a nap. The hubster and I were plumb tuckered and really wanted him to rest so we could. Hmph!

I received a phone call from my mom around this time. My poor sister had to part ways with her cat ON CHRISTMAS due to an injury that would cost an insane amount of money to fix. Needless to say, she was a wreck and was not wanting the “Merry Christmas” calls for the day.  Hmph again!

During Christmas dinner at my in-law’s, Alex began to choke on a strawberry. I’m not talking about a little *cough, cough* kind of choke. I’m talking about SERIOUS choking. I yelled something like, “Heimlich! Seriously!” to the hubster. He jumped out of his seat and grabbed Alex trying to do anything to help him. I looked in Alex’s mouth, found a whole, frozen strawberry, swept it out with my finger, and wanted to fall apart. Instead, I held Alex close, thanked God that he was alright, and tried to remain calm so Alex would be confident that he was OK.


So, there is the story of my crazy, up & down day. Overall, we have a lot of great memories of Eliana’s first Christmas with our family. And, beyond the gifts we received, we made sure to keep the real reason for Christmas in the forefront of our minds and hearts. I’m just happy we didn’t rely on the day itself to bring us any measure of happiness. You know what I mean?

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