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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome To Your Thirties!…What Is That Hair??

True story.

Last week the hubster and I were driving to last minute Christmas shopping and I was putting my lip gloss on in the mirror.


dun, dun, dun

I see it.

“What in the WORLD?!?” I exclaimed.

The hubster was curious and asked, “What?”

“What is this Single, Dark Hair doing above my lip?? Is this what I get for turning 30?”

The hubster said nothing. (He’s super smart.)

I have BLONDE hair and FAIR skin, people. Dark hairs popping up randomly on my face can NOT be happening. Ugh!

Someone please recommend a bleaching product. I want some on-hand in case that hair comes back and brings a full mustache with it.


Tee Hee

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