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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Arrrrrr! You Shall Walk The Plank!

This post has nothing to do with pirates or with people walking the plank.


It's just me thinking I'm clever.
This post IS about the plank, though. You know. The plank exercise.

Here. Let me show you right quick.

There you have it. THAT is the plank. You hold that position for 30 seconds and it helps to strengthen your core muscles.

This is something that's on the Wii Fit that I've been working out with.

As I was working out today, the hubster says, "You want to really work your abs? Try "the plank". That's a good one."

Now, if you don't know, I'm kind of competitive. *GASP* I am. I try to keep up with my skinny husband in the skinny department but to do that, I need to keep up with him in the "fit" department. SO, when he tosses a "challenge" at me by "suggesting" an exercise, I have to accept and give it my all.

Well, I did that thar plank exercise. It was the last thing I did before I turned off the Wii for the day. And do you know what? I DID it! I BEAT HIM!

When the scores came up on the scoreboard after I had finished, my score was 83/100. And his? Yup. It was 69/100.

Yippee! I can do something better! (I totally earned bragging rights. Right?)


OK. On with my day.



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