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Sunday, January 17, 2010

House Blend ~ Haiti

I can't NOT talk about the devastation that has come to the Haitians. It's heart-breaking for sure. With each new photo that is taken and each news broadcast shared, I can barely hold back the tears. And while I refuse to believe that God caused the earthquake as an act of punishment, I do believe that God is grieving right along with those who are grieving. Let's keep them in prayer - even after the media loses its enthusiasm.

There is a great need of our help in Haiti right now. I want to share with you an organization that has been in Haiti for quite some time and is doing its best to help those who need it. CrossWorld has been working with churches in Haiti for 60 years. You can click here to read about what they do and click here to find out how to send money to help them there.

Finally, I want to share with you a song that was sung in church this morning after our pastor challenged us to be generous and give to the Haitian people. Its lyrics took on a whole new meaning after thinking of Haiti and viewing photos of the people there.



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