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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thankful For The Delay

I had to run out to the store last night and grab some things to help Alex along in his potty training. I was kind of in a hurry as I only had so much time before he needed to go to bed. (I was purchasing some Easy Ups for night time and more underwear.)

Anywho, I was getting a bit annoyed as I couldn't decide how many packs of underwear to buy and I had to call the hubster for his opinion.  We had our discussion, I hung up the phone, and I headed for the checkout.

Of course, when I came in the store, there were 5 people hanging around chattin' it up and when I was leaving, there was one person and one line. I grew kind of annoyed and kept thinking "come ON."

Finally, I was able to check out and zipped out to the car just as quickly as I could. When I reached the exit of the parking lot onto the main road, what did I see? A truck had just been jackknifed as he tried to cut across 3 lanes of traffic to get into the parking lot I was trying to leave. The traffic was backed up and the cars involved were pretty messed up.

Then, it hit me. THANKFULNESS overwhelmed me. "God, if I had been here even a minute sooner, who knows what would have happened." I was so happy for the delay and the indecisiveness.

Sometimes, we're held up for a reason. I've decided to try and be thankful when I'm stuck in line or in traffic. Because, well, who knows...the delay may be one that is saving your life.



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