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Monday, February 8, 2010

Has The World Moved On From Haiti?

The short answer is "No". Many people and organizations are still working to help those in Haiti who have lost everything.

But as a nation, in our 9-5, Monday-Friday traditions, have we "moved on" and forgotten?

I know I haven't. I keep an ear to the ground and listen out for reports on what is happening in Haiti. I'm curious and concerned all at the same time. And just when I thought that the last survivor had been found and the search & rescue called off, I read this article from CNN.

Another life found. Another person saved. Amen.

If you were this man, what would you be thinking? You know, once the cloudiness clears and you understand what has happened. Would this be the moment that you finally believe there is a bigger meaning to life? Would this be the time that you turn your eyes to the sky and say, "thank you" and "what now?" Who or what would you credit your life to?

I happen to believe that everything happens and doesn't happen for a reason. I believe that there is a bigger plan for each and every person on this earth beyond punching the clock or changing out the laundry. This man's story is encouraging and inspiring on so many levels.

What do you think?



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