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Saturday, February 13, 2010

She's A Pink Warrior

My sister. My big sister. The one who I had such a hard time with growing up. (We're 2 years apart and I wanted to do everything she did.) The one who now lives states away from me with her beautiful family. The person I still look up to; still secretly wishing I could go everywhere with her. She inspires me.

Last year she decided to sign up for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day event. She talked my mom into joining with her and even gathered childhood friends to create a team.  I thought this was such a grand gesture since we both know people who are/were affected by breast cancer or even cancer in general.

When she came to see me for my birthday, she shared with me that she had found a couple lumps at a couple different times. Every time, it turned out to be "nothing". She said that she never mentioned it before because she didn't want anyone to worry. If you ask me, that sounds like a "mom" thing to do. Keep everyone going on with their lives and don't let them stop to worry about you. I think every mom is guilty of that at one time or another.

Anyway, these lumps are the reason that she wants to walk the 60 miles. For every time she hears "it's nothing", she's aware of those who hear a different diagnosis. She's walking for each and every person who has a different story than she does.

Last week, my sister posted something on facebook about how she found another lump. I never saw this post as I was a bit behind in reading the updates on there. My mom asked me if I had seen her post and then explained that it was another cyst and my sister would be getting it drained.

*How many times must my sister have to go through this??*

I just spoke with her the other day and she said they couldn't drain this cyst so she's going to schedule a surgery to have it removed. My heart sunk as I heard those words. I'm not worried about the cyst, I'm just worried about my big sister. I want to "be everywhere she is". You don't know how badly I wish I had the money for a flight out and someone to care for my children so I could go be with her in this surgery. I know it's "nothing" but she's my sister.

Can I be selfish for a minute? Can I ask you to pray for her? Please pray that she would have a simple surgery with no surprises and a smooth recovery. Please pray for her peace of mind and heart.

I know, personally, I'm praying that God would give her a big hug since I can't be there to do it myself.



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