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Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear So and So ~ #1

My cousin, Jacki, started a weekly post on her blog called "Dear So and So". It's a way to start off your week on the right foot by clearing off some of the stresses of the prior week.

If you'd like to join in, hop over and link up on her site after you've written out your letter(s). Let's de-stress!

Dear mother of the little bully boy,
Please teach your son how to communicate with others INSTEAD of pushing, grabbing, and hitting for toys. My poor son is not a fan of this behavior and I'm afraid that he'll be trying to fight back should it happen again. At only 2 (almost 3), this is not the kind of thing I want my son to learn. It's not "OK" and it's not "normal" boy behavior. So, let's squash it. Shall we?

Dear dude across the courtyard,
You look like a full grown man but you act pretty "young" sometimes. How about we stop with throwing things off your second story balcony? Mmmmkay? You and your group of friends are destructive and distracting. Oh...and my door wall is not there for you to stare through. Please mind your biz and take the subtle hint when I pull the curtains as soon as it starts getting dark out.

~and finally~

Dear nasty cold bug,
My family isn't a fan of your visiting. You've selected each of us, one at a time, to make your home in. I was the last one you chose and I think you hit me the hardest. Bad move. I'm a fighter and I won't let you take me down. It's time for you to go.

*sigh* that felt good. Thanks, Jacki!



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