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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bavarian Inn ~ My Family Experience (review)

If you live in Michigan or will be traveling here soon, I'd like to recommend a lovely hotel in Frankenmuth, MI. The Bavarian Inn Lodge is a very big hotel that is full of charm and has a real family feel to it.

Not only does the outside of this hotel have the feel of being in Southern Germany, the interior makes you feel just the same way. I'm not sure how to explain the feeling I had when walking around the Bavarian Inn Lodge except to say that it was very warm and comfortable. And even though the hotel is very large, it has a small feel to it inside.

Bavarian Inn Lodge lobby. Photo credit:
At check-in, I was warmly welcomed by the staff at the desk. They were kind enough to point out where I should park and the easiest way to get to my hotel room once I entered the hotel. The room I stayed in with my family had 2 double beds, a cozy armchair, a desk, a dresser with a TV and more. Alex was very excited to get a "big bed" all to himself. We had plenty of room to set up Eliana's pack'n'play too. 

My favorite part of the room, though, was the balcony and the view. We had a wonderful view of the Cass River and some of the shops in the town of Frankenmuth. Honestly, a touch like this was just what I needed during this short getaway with my family. I was able to take time to just relax and watch the ducks in the river. It was really very nice to be able to unplug.

Another neat feature at the Bavarian Inn Lodge is that each room wears a family name and shares some family history. On our walls was the story of the Sohn family. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and the old documents. I also thought of my mom who loves history. She would have noted every detail of this family and probably would have quizzed us at dinner. ;)

Of course, we didn't stay in our room very long as there was plenty to do right inside hotel. We headed down to the pool right away. Alex was very excited to go swimming.
This is just one of the swimming areas at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. We chose this one as it's located in the Family Fun Center.

The hot tub was also family friendly. They keep the temperature low so children can hop in with their parents and there are no worries. 

This is the zero entry pool for tots like Alex. It has 2 different fountain areas for play.

This pool had a gentle current in it that's perfect for floating around. Of course, it also has fountains and these sprayers that Alex loved getting his dad and I with.

This is another view of the 2 pools.

And here is the view of the pools from my floor. I really love the big open windows and the sunlight that just dances through there.

Also in the Family Fun Center is this 2 story play area. Alex really enjoyed playing here and even made a couple friends as he played. It was nice to have a place where he could burn energy and the hubster and I could simply sit down and relax.

In this same area is an arcade with many, many games to play.

Also, there's an 18 hole, indoor, mini golf area. We didn't participate this time as Alex was busy having fun with games and swimming.
It does look like fun, doesn't it?
Finally, there is a gift shop, prize claim for the arcade games, and even a place to sit down and eat (Ratskeller).

Speaking of eating, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Oma's Restaraunt. This is the perfect place to eat if you want tasty food at an affordable price. The hubster and I both chose the Franconian Combination Platter and Alex chose Spaghetti.

This platter included Chicken, Jager Schnitzel, Potato Cheese Dumplings, and Vegetables. It was divine! Just looking at the picture makes me want to go back for another meal. YUM!

Alex was given a big portion of Spaghetti and he absolutely loved. it. 
Now, we chose to go right to bed when our evening was through, but there was some entertainment available if we had chosen to stay up. Down in the Lorelei Lounge, there was live music and even family karaoke. They have contests on the weekends called "Bavarian Idol" where one karaoke singer wins. The hubster thought I should join in the competition but I had had so much fun already and I was really ready for some rest.

The following day, we gave Alex a choice of what he would like to do. He chose to play in the arcade again so we headed down and made the most of our time before we had to check out.

*I'd like to add that the Bavarian Inn Lodge is perfect for adult only couples/groups as well. Yes, there is a lot of fun, family things to do but there is also a pool that is strictly for the use of adults. I wandered in there to get a feel for it and I was so relaxed. It was so very quiet. Yes, this is the place to escape to if you're in need of a quiet stay without children. There was also a suite available that had a balcony overlooking the quiet pool area. I thought to myself, "Oooh. I want to stay there without the kiddos next time."

After we checked out, we decided to do some sight-seeing in the town of Frankenmuth. We found a great toy store for Alex to look around in and even saw some horse drawn carriage rides through the streets. Finally, we found a great candy store where Alex and I chose some snacks for the ride home.

There's plenty more to do in Frankenmuth, though. You can eat or shop in the Bavarian Inn in town or visit the River Shops for even more fun, unique shopping.  There is also cheese to taste, gourmet coffee to buy, and many different souvenirs available.

So, if you ever find yourself passing through or visiting Frankenmuth, drive over the covered bridge and visit the Bavarian Inn Lodge. You're sure to find it charming and quite fun.

Oh, yes. I always post pictures and never show myself enjoying things as I'm always behind the camera. This time, I have a couple to share to prove I was there. LOL

** Thanks to the Bavarian Inn Lodge for a complimentary night's stay.**
**This review is based strictly on my experience and opinion. I was not compensated in any way for the review itself or to influence my choice of words. Others may not agree with my opinion.**



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