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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Friends Across The Miles ~ Memories Etched On My Heart

Sami, Me, and Christine

Please excuse the poor quality of the photo posted above. I, unfortunately, decided to leave my Canon at home when I traveled to New York City and brought my "point-and-shoot" instead. Excuses aside, I have a wonderful story to share.

I was blessed enough to meet a dear friend who I've only known through e-mails, skype chats, and reading blog posts. She has been such a wonderful part of my life for over a year now and even talked me through my early contractions when I was in labor with Eliana. 

Even though she was not feeling well, she made the trip to the big city with her lovely daughter to see me. I could barely contain my excitement when I heard her knock on my door. And when we saw each other in person for the very first time, I saw that she was the very same person I had always known...just a little bit sweeter in person. ;) 

We hopped in a cab and headed down to Little Italy and had dinner at Giovanni's (that's where the picture was taken). I have never and I mean never experienced Italian food the way I did there. I'm talking "OMG, YUM!", people! Seriously AMAZING food.

But you know what? 

That meal would never have been as good had it not been shared with the friends I was able to share it with. 

We ran through the rain after that meal and tried to get a Coach bag for me. (No luck) We even survived the single craziest car ride I've ever taken. Yes, I'm referring to a taxi. I was freaking out. No, seriously. I was. Fa-Reaking out. But, all I could do was laugh. 

It makes me giggle even thinking of it now. I felt like I was going to die but being with Christine and Sami made me feel so safe that I could only laugh at the chaos of the moment. 

I owe Christine and Sami a HUGE "thank you" for taking me out that night. It was amazing to meet you gals and to get the chance to give you a hug. I appreciate everything.

This is where words frustrate me. There is no way for me to rightly say "thank you". I will forever remember that amazing time, though. It will always be etched on my heart as a treasured memory. 



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