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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Henry Ford: Day Out With Thomas

My family was invited to enjoy the Day Out With Thomas event again this year at Greenfield Village (in Dearborn, Michigan). If you have any fans of Thomas the Tank Engine in your home, you'll understand how excited Alex was for this.

Our morning started early as we arrived at Greenfield Village before it opened to attend the Railroader's Breakfast. This was a wonderful way to enjoy some quiet, family time over some delicious pancakes. As we were eating, we could see Thomas getting ready for the day on the train tracks and Alex couldn't wait to go for a ride. While we waited, however, we were able to enjoy some music from very talented musicians and even hear some stories about Thomas from the storyteller who was also there.

Finally, it was time to board the train and let Thomas take us for a ride around the park. This was very special as those who attended the Railroader's Breakfast received the first ride of the day. The rest of the day was freed up to enjoy whatever we wanted without having to worry about making it to the train station on time for a scheduled ride. (If you ask me, the perks of attending the breakfast are worth the extra cost.)

We enjoyed visiting the different tents and doing the different activities available. And before leaving for the day, Alex was able to visit the train yard at Greenfield Village and get up close and personal with the trains there. He was in awe.

I know this is something that will stick with Alex for years to come. He asks us every day to talk to him about his Day Out With Thomas.

To give you a look at our day, I created a story on Whrrl. Just click below to see it.

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**My family received free admission (for 3) to the Railroader's Breakfast and Day Out With Thomas from The Henry Ford for the purpose of review and sharing our experience with you. This review is written based on our experience exclusively. Other opinions may vary.



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