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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Infantino Playmat and Activity Gym (review)

I've been given the awesome opportunity to work with Infantino as a Test Drive Mom for their new products. As part of this team, I'll be bringing you reviews of new items throughout the rest of this year. I'm so excited about this I can't even begin to tell you. Having a new baby in the house is way different the second time around and I'm finding that simple play things that keep her busy are very helpful in breaking up my time between her and my toddler boy. 

For this first phase of reviews, I was sent 3 things. I'm going to talk about 2 of them here. 

First up, I'd like to share with you the Twist and Fold Activity Gym. This is wonderful in so many ways. 

Now, moms/dads of babies may understand the great convenience of owning a nice activity gym. This is the perfect way to surround that baby with positive stimulation as he/she develops better vision and mobile skills. I, for one, have a great appreciation for something like this as I watch my own child growing and learning new things every day.

What matters most to me when it comes to activity gyms? Well, it has to be comfortable. I don't want my baby to be lying on a hard surface. It also needs to have different ways to play. By that I mean it should have toys that come with it that are colorful, have some sort of sound stimulation(rattle, etc.), and a mirror is must have too. Finally, anything that can fold up and be out of the way when not in use is ideal. (Does anyone else have a home that looks more like a daycare center and less like a home?)

As you can see, the Twist & Fold Activity Gym from Infantino meets each of my needs in play equipment for my daughter. To set it up, I only need to push down the circle in the top/center of the gym. This makes the arches lock down for secure play. Then when Eliana's done playing, I just twist the top of the circle to collapse the arches, fold the mat in, and secure the Velcro tabs. And "Voila!" The gym can be easily stored away in the closet or even behind the couch. (That's my favorite part by far!)

And to note one more great thing about the Twist and Fold Activity Gym, the arms are removable. They're hooked on the bottom of the mat and can easily be removed so it can grow with your baby and become a tummy time playmat! 

Check out Eliana enjoying her gym! You'll notice, we were sent a slightly different style but it works the same way as the one I pictured above. Our style is the newest one and is called the "All Around Zoo". (I was unable to find this new style on the Infantino website but it should be available for sale this year.)

The mirror can be placed anywhere by using the Velcro tabs.

She's having so much fun. You can't fake a smile like that. many ways to have a good time!

The second item I want to tell you about is the Jumbo Wheel Play Space. This is something I wasn't able to find on the Infantino website but it will be coming out this year. This Play Space meets Eliana right where she is in her development. It not only has a lot of room for rolling around, it also has many ways to play right on the mat itself.

This is something that is on my floor DAILY. Eliana loves the elephant ear that crinkles, his hat that squeaks, the mirror that she can remove from the mat to hold and play with, the flower that sings "You Are My Sunshine", the ribbon tabs that she runs her fingers along, the changes in texture from felt to silky smooth fabrics, and more.

The Play Space is huge and offers something different in every area. This is wonderful for encouraging the next level of mobility for Eliana: crawling. Another great feature to note is the center. In the center of the Play Space is an elephant. Underneath that elephant is a little extra padding. This helps to raise up a baby's chest for tummy time play. It really is smart to have something like this as it's convenient and safe in propping up baby.

Here are some photos of Eliana enjoying the Jumbo Wheel Play Space.

She loves the elephant's crinkly ear.

...feeling the different textures...

The Jumbo Wheel Play Space really is jumbo!
Stay tuned to hear more about the new items being released from Infantino this year!

“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products to as part of my participation.” 



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