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Friday, July 9, 2010

Packing My Things & Preparing My Heart (Camp Sponsors Shared)

Life has been absolutely nutso over here. I've been trying to maintain the day to day stuff around here while getting ready to head to Champions For Life Kids Camp on Sunday. This is a huge undertaking.

Not only do I want my house to be in order, but I also have blogging obligations and last minute loose ends to tie up before I go.

The WONDERFUL news is that some companies have decided to stand behind me and help me gift the girls in my cabin with some high quality items.  When I return from camp, I'll be posting pictures and stories for each company separately. For now, though, I want to share who they are and what they've donated. Perhaps you have a few things that you need to buy and you can support these companies who give so freely.

*Kerusso* This company sells Christian T-shrits and accessories for everyone in the family. They have baby items to adult items. Each thing they sell has a message and their designs are always on the cutting edge.

Kerusso has donated this shirt for the girls in my cabin

and this shirt for the boys in my Dad's cabin.

These shirts go perfectly with the themes of our cabins and the children will be SO excited to have something like this to take home and remember their week at summer camp.

*The Jewelry Vine* This company sells beautiful jewelry for babies up to teenage girls. When I say "beautiful", I mean it.

They sent this necklace for the girls in my cabin! I can't wait to see their faces when they see this.

There is a day when the girls get to dress up and have their hair and makeup done before the big camp birthday party. I'm thinking this would be the perfect day to give each girl her necklace to wear as a finishing touch.

*Company Kids* This is an extension of The Company Store where you can find everything from clothing to bedding to furniture and more. They have things for children to teens, boys and girls, and the quality is amazing!

Company Kids generously donated this bedding for each girl in the cabin.

They will each get a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases, and a comforter. Unbelievable, right?

I'll tell you all about camp and the girl's reactions to their gifts when I get back.

Thanks to my awesome sponsors for making this years camp VERY special and blessing these young girls who have so little. I have honestly been moved to tears when I think of how much this will bless the girls I meet. Their stories are so hard to listen to and they have had everything taken away from them. In my eyes, nothing is too good for them. If I could rope the moon or catch the stars for them, I would. But since I can't, I'm proud to be backed by such giving companies to give them a smile and let them know that they are loved and treasured.

...and now I'm crying again...

**The mentioned items are all donations made strictly for the children attending CFL camp through Vision Hope. I was not compensated for this posting nor was I given anything. Any opinions shared are my own and may not be the same as others. 

...and God gets the glory.



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