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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alex and the Invisible Nasties (a sponsored project)

I absolutely love finding ways to get my kiddos excited about making healthy habits and high on my priority list is oral hygiene.

Thankfully, we were invited by Collective Bias and Colgate to do an art project that showed what we thought #InvisibleNasties looked like. This experience opened the door for great conversation with my son and ways to make him excited to care for his teeth.

Check out our Whrrl story!

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After we had everything all together to create our Invisible Nasties project, I sat Alex down for a quick talk about what a "sugar bug" (as we call them) looked like and how we could get rid of them.

Here's that interview! (Have you ever tried to interview a 3 year old? LOL)

Colgate wants you to remember to change your toothbrush every 3 months and to make sure you care for it correctly. For more information, visit the Colgate Invisible Nasties page.

Alex loves using his new toothbrush and I feel confident that he's getting his teeth cleaner with this one than he was with a standard toothbrush. I'm so glad that he has this as a reference point in his life to serve as a great foundation for good oral hygiene. It's so important and definitely not something to take lightly. 

If you didn't see the full Whrrl story, or you just want to see it again, here's some photos of what Alex thinks Invisible Nasties look like. 

P.S. When we created this together, I would ask him questions about each part before we made it. So, while I had to do the assembly (he is only 3), he chose what went where, helped with the hair and fuzzy tummy, as well as put in the arms and legs of his sugar bug. It was a lot of fun and he's so very proud of how it turned out. (This thing is sitting in our living room right now.)

**Funds were provided for our Colgate shopping trip and craft supplies. Thanks to Collective Bias and Colgate for the fun and educating opportunity. Watch the #InvisibleNasties page for more projects and stories.



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