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Friday, August 20, 2010

Eye Spy ~ "Greenspiration"

OK. I'm not sure that's a word but it works, right?

Anywho, this post is not about the genius words I make up. Although, I could spend an entire day writing just about that. (Just ask my hubster, I have many original words.)

Rather, this is about a great blog I just found.

I've always loved to see the craftsmanship of others. I think handmade items are unique, gorgeous, and most times green. (See where the "Greenspiration" word comes in?) But, as a very busy mom of 2, I don't have time to peruse Etsy (among other websites) to find the latest and greatest in the handmade department.

Enter solution here!

I've found a blog that promises to cover that for me and she does it so well. Not only does Deanna at My Handmade Addiction share her favorites in her shopping endeavors, she also has my taste. It's true. Everything she's posted so far has made me say, "Oh, I love that!".

And what's better than that? Well, dear readers, she shares my love of coffee. Mmmhm! It's a match made in heaven. Oh, and she posted about the BEST travel mug ever. (Click that link to see)

She'll do the shopping and post about it, and I can just keep tabs with her blog and make a wish list of my own. Simple bo-dimple.

Care to have your own personal shopper? Just follow her blog. :)

Thanks, Deanna! I'm excited to see what you find next.

**I was not compensated in any way for this post. My "finds" are selected and posted by my own choosing while I receive nothing in return. (is it that hard to believe a blogger would post something without gaining anything? lol)



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