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Sunday, August 29, 2010

House Blend ~ Troubles

It's been a while since I've posted one of these, I know. It's something that I intended to keep up on with a weekly posting, but I came to realize how time consuming it actually could be. I've decided to try and be more intentional about this but I only want to share thoughts that are really meaningful to me.

Here is a scripture that has been singing in my head lately.
Pile your troubles on God's shoulders-He'll carry your load, He'll help you out. Psalm 55:22 (The Message) 
I love that word, "pile". I picture myself picking up heaps of my own worries and problems and tossing them into a huge pile on God's shoulders.  Boy, do I have a lot of things weighing on my mind. I have a lot of thoughts that try and take me away from where I need to be in life. 

Don't we all get sidetracked by life's reality from time to time?

And do you know where else I find myself at times? I find myself knee deep in other peoples problems too. It's not enough that I take on my own worries and frustrations to solve on my own. Oh, no. I need to be there in that mess (that doesn't even belong to me) too.


God wants me to help others, but He never asked me to solve their problems. That's HIS job. So, instead of trying to be the one with all of the answers, I can be a part of an assembly line of sorts. When I see a need or have one of my own, I can simply "heave-ho" it up to God and let Him handle it.

Anyway, He manages things much better than I can. It's great to know I can trust Him with everything in my world.

How about you? Are you like me? Or have you found your way to the other side of this?



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