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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moon Dough ~ Our "Out Of This World" Review

The Fall season is on it's way. While that will bring the cool weather we've been waiting for in my hometown, it will also bring bitter cold and rainy weather with it. This will leave us caught indoors some days and I'm always looking for fun ways to entertain my kiddos (especially my three year old) when this happens.

We were recently sent something that is sure to cure those "can't play outside" blues.

The Moon Dough Barn is a fun way to play in a totally new way. You may think of standard play dough when you read "Moon Dough" but this is much different. Moon Dough feels more like a wet sand than play dough. It has a funny smell to it, but my son got over that as soon as he saw how fun it is to play with.

Our Moon Dough Barn was assembled in just a few minutes and then our play was able to begin.

There are 3 colors of Moon Dough that come in the set. I highly recommend following the directions, handling a small ball of dough at a time and mushing it up yourself a bit before giving it to your child to play with. Otherwise, little bits of dough can create a bit of a mess.

Alex wanted to play with the white dough first. He stuffed it into the top of the barn,

cranked the handle back toward himself and then out the other way,

and before he knew it, he had an entire set of farm animals to play with. (By the way, when the animals are formed by the mold in the barn, the dough feels more like foam than dough. It's very neat.)

Alex played with his animals by putting them in the barn and even stuffing them into the silo that catches the overflow from the form on top of the barn. He absolutely loves his new Moon Dough and asks to play with it all the time.

I sometimes get annoyed at the little specks of dough left here and there but if I use patience and a pinch of dough, I can collect it all and clean it up.

I love that Moon Dough is Hypo-Allergenic. That makes it kid friendly and removes any worries on my end. Here are other neat facts about Moon Dough taken from the website.:

BUY IT: You can purchase the Moon Dough Barn for around $19.99 at local toy retailers. 

**I was given product for review as a part of Team Mom. I did not receive any other compensation. My thoughts and opinions are completely my own. Others may not agree with my opinion.**



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