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Friday, September 3, 2010

Build-A-Bear Workshop Welcomes Smallfrys

Have you heard? Build-A-Bear Workshop just released this adorable, miniature line of animals that resemble the larger ones that can be made in the store or are sold online. These sweet little guys also have their very own wardrobe. Is that not the cutest?

We were surprised the other day and sent one of the Build-A-Bear Smallfrys earlier this week. It was sent as a "thank you" for working with them in the past. (Pssst. You can read that review here). 

Alex was excited beyond words. I can't say I can blame him for being so excited,though. Smallfrys are just adorable and the Marble Monkey they sent was an absolute, perfect fit. 

Alright, so here's Marble Monkey who we now call George. The little fries box is so sweet, isn't it?

On the back of the box, we saw that "George" is made with Smiles, Fun, Spirit, Coolness, and Happiness. 

And after we took George out of his box, we saw that he can be taken online for even more ways to interact with him. At, you can earn points and redeem virtual gifts. It's a great time for little ones and it really makes their animal come to life. 

Aw, see? Alex loves Marble Monkey George so much.

I did tell you he was very excited about this surprise, didn't I?

Oh, and Alex did share Marble Monkey George with Eliana just long enough for her to get some cuddles in. I knew she would like him because he's so soft. And like him, she did. In fact, I think she tries to find him next to Alex's bed sometimes so she can get even more cuddles in. LOL

George has inspired many nights of 5 Little Monkies stories before bedtime. Alex simply can't get enough. 

Since I want to get you the details of this new line that is only available for a LIMITED TIME, I'm going to include some of the press release I was forwarded. 

The limited edition collection includes eight pre-stuffed animals which are
smaller versions of past and present Build-A-Bear Workshop favorite furry friends. They come
packaged complete with their very own “nutritional friendship information” on back. Although
they are small, each build-a-bear smallfrys furry friend has big personality- every serving is sure
to increase Build-A-Bear Workshop Guests’ daily smiles.

“The build-a-bear smallfrys collection offers our Guests a whole new way to play and we have
gotten great initial feedback from them about this new product,” said Maxine Clark, Build-A-Bear
Workshop founder and chief executive bear. “Tweens like how portable they are and younger
Guests love to play Mama and Baby with their regular sized stuffed animals and build-a-bear

Guests can collect all eight of these first-of-their kind, limited edition friends including:
o Sassy Kitty
o Read Teddy®
o Marble Monkey
o Endless Hugs Teddy
o Shaggy Pup
o Peace Bear
o Fabulous Frog
o Cinnamon Swirl Bunny

A limited edition collection of smallfrys-sized fashions are also available at Build-A-Bear
Workshop and including: Plaid Shirt and Tie Jean set, Hoodie and Jean set,
Fuchsia Ruffle Leggings set, Pink Dot Dress, Peace Pajamas, Blue Fairy outfit and more. The
furry friends will be available through Oct. 31 or while supplies last.

BUY IT: These sell for only $12.99 a piece. Get yours before they run out! (Here's a good idea, head to the store without any little ones, buy one or two Smallfrys, and put them aside for stocking stuffers for the holidays!)

**I received the item I shared about as a gift. I was not asked to share any information on my blog about this but decided to write about it on my own. As such, this post is not a compensated post. Other opinions may not be the same as my own. Thanks to Build-A-Bear Workshop, for this wonderful gift. **



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