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Monday, September 20, 2010

Vera Bradley for Traveling (review)

If you're not familiar with Vera Bradley, let me tell you 2 things about the brand:

  1. they make beautiful bags for every day use
  2. they make beautiful bags to use for travel
Now, Vera Bradley's line is not limited to these 2 things. In fact, there are many other items available including tableware and stationary. But for the purpose of this event, I'm going to focus on items useful for everyday and travel.

As I was corresponding with a representative of Vera Bradley about this event, I simply stated that I would like to review items that they thought would come in handy for a mom of 2 on the road or in a theme park. From there, I waited to see what would be sent. I wish I had a recording of my reaction when it arrived.

I was immediately in love with the pattern of the bags and I looked at every feature of every bag before telling the hubster about the beautiful items we were sent. {I happen to love looking at the detail of beautiful bags.} I was like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Let's talk about the bags, shall we? Everything sent is in the "Very Berry Paisley" print.

First, I was sent the Weekender. {click any photos to enlarge.}

On the back of the bag is a full zippered back pocket and the front has two pockets as well.

 You can see the amazing hardware on this bag. The zippers and shoulder strap hooks are incredibly strong and just waiting to be used with all I have to pack in there. In fact, the part of the shoulder strap hook that is attached to the bag fits perfectly on the diaper bag hooks I have on my stroller. I love this!

Now, let's talk about how much room is actually inside the bag. There are 4 interior, side pockets that help keep things organized. It also has a removable bottom that helps keep the space open so I can pack a ton of things inside. When I need to wash it, I just remove the bottom and wash as directed on the handy care instructions that come inside each bag.

Prior to using it on the road, I packed up this bag for a day trip over to my in-laws. I needed to bring my DSLR camera, extra clothes, a lot of diapers, a pack of wipes, baby food, formula, a bottle, bibs, a blankie for my daughter's nap, and also the stereo I have for my iPod for her nap. Would you believe all of that fit inside the Weekender with room to spare? I was amazed, myself.

*The Weekender retails for $92 with select styles on sale right now.

Next, I want to tell you about the Get Carried Away Tote.

This tote is every mother's dream come true. Whether I'm packing for a long day out or packing for a long trip, this bag has everything I need and more. To give you an idea of its size, this tote measures 18 1/4" x 15 1/2" x 7 1/2". It's absolutely huge but it's not too big to manage and carry comfortably.

The shoulder strap is padded and it can be adjusted for your maximum comfort. 

The inside of the bag has a bunch of pockets. In fact, two of the interior, side panel pockets are lined with plastic making them perfect to hold any cups or bottles. It also has pockets perfect for holding any cell phones, wallets, etc.

With the size of the Get Carried Away Tote and the pockets it contains, I'm confident I'll be able to find a place for everything.

When I have it all packed up, I can zip the bag shut or tuck away the zipper panel to leave the bag wide open.

**The Get Carried Away Tote sells for $88 with select colors on sale right now.

Spending a day out of the house, or a day on the road traveling presents the need to pack snacks and sometimes even lunches. The Cooler is the perfect solution to this. There's room enough to put a drink or two and a sandwich or snacks. On the front is a pocket that I like to use for bibs, plastic ware, and napkins. The strap is adjustable should you want to carry it on your arm or shoulder.

**The Cooler sells for $28 with select colors on sale now.

Finally, Vera Bradley sent the Travel Cosmetic for the road trip.

My favorite parts of this bag are:

  1. The eight dividers along the side
  2. The zipped pocket on the top 
  3. The way the bag zips all the way open 
Honestly, I've never owned a cosmetic case this nice. In the past, I was guilty of throwing everything into a makeup bag and then had to dig, dig, dig until I found what I was looking for each time I was looking for something. The Travel Cosmetic bag puts an end to that. I can put my foundation in one divider, blush in another, and so on until everything has a home and my brushes are laying neatly in the center.

I can tuck away my hair pins and rubber bands beneath the zippered pocket in the top of the bag along with any jewelry pieces I wish to store safely. I love the organization and ease of packing and unpacking this brings me.

**You can purchase the Travel Cosmetic bag for $48. Select colors are on sale now.

So, now you've seen what the kind representative of Vera Bradley thought would come in handy for our road trip and I could not agree more. These bags are all beautiful, practical, and very spacious. I love that I get to travel in style but also that each bag will be used separately when I'm not traveling.

Do you have something from Vera Bradley that you love?

**The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.Others may have a different experience and may not agree with my opinion. Thanks to Vera Bradley for the product to review. I was able to keep the items at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review.**



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