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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alex Says...

The other day, the hubster and Alex were playing with a remote control car. Obviously, Alex didn't want to have that play time interrupted. Check out the following conversation.

  • Alex:      Dear God, Thank you for taking the poop away from my belly. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.
  • Hubster:      Buddy? Do you need to go poop? 
  • A:      No, Dad. I asked God to take it away. I'm much better now.
  • H:      Buddy, if you have to go, we can pause this and come back.
  • A:      God took the poop away, Daddy. Can He do that? 
  • H:      Alex, let's just go potty really quick.
  • A:      No. Jesus doesn't want me to go poop.
  • H:      You know what? I'm pretty sure Jesus wants you to go poop. God made our bodies to poop. You probably don't believe that, do you?
  • A:      No. I don't have to poop, Daddy. Can we drive the car?

Yes, this really happened. While their conversation went on, I was cracking up non-stop. Alex must have a different understanding about how prayers work. lol

What can I say? Leave it to the kids to keep you young. ;)



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