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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Tummy Hurts!

...From laughing. 

I was trying my hardest to sing "Go down, Moses" like this guy.

For some reason, I can't sing these low notes without looking down until my chin is on my chest. I kept trying and trying and then the hubster started cracking up at me.

It turned into quite a fit of giggles. I had to look up the YouTube video to show the hubster exactly what I was trying to do and then we started laughing even harder.



Since I was already on YouTube, the hubster told me to look up "double rainbow" and I found this.

Oh, my sides hurt from laughing so hard. Will someone please make a movie about this guy and have Will Ferrell star in the lead role? I heard him perfectly when the rainbow dude said "It's a double, complete rainbow". 

Alright. Enough of the laughing fits from being rained in. On to "progress". 



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