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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eye Spy ~ Giving With GiveBack?

Stop! I know many of you are doing your gift shopping right now as you sit at home and browse websites.

What if you could turn that "shopping from the comfort of your own home" into helping the charity of your choice?

I just found out about and I am in love with the concept.

First, it's very easy to sign up. It takes just a second and just for signing up, I was given a $5 credit. From there, I went to "My Foundation" and searched for charities that I know and love. The next step is to shop! I can totally handle that. :) There are over 400 places to shop from so I know whoever or whatever it is I'm shopping for, I can find what I need.

When shopping from the GiveBack website, a percentage of the sale goes back to the charity I choose. These percentages are clearly shown on the website so I don't have to wonder how much my charity would be receiving. Giving is SOO easy this way!

And, if I want, I can just make a donation to the charity or charities I choose without shopping. 100% of what I donate goes right to them and this is an easy way to give to several charities. It helps me from jumping from website to website.

Here are some important things to note if you want to go ahead and sign up.

  • Get $5 today when you create your foundation
  • Make a donation using your credit card and receive a tax deduction
  • Shop our 400+ retailers and earn charitable dollars
  • Submit a story on how you’re giving back for a chance to win $1000 each week

100% of GiveBack donations go to the charities you support.

Please watch this video to see how this works.

Please take a moment to sign up and select your favorite charities. It's so important that we give back and this is an incredibly easy way to do that. Thank you, GiveBack for developing this website.

**I posted this as part of a campaign with One2One Network. As a "thank you" for posting, I was entered in a contest where winners are selected at random. More importantly, I posted about this website because I believe in it and feel it's worth sharing. I received no compensation. The views and opinions shared are my own. Others may not agree.



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