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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hard Candy Completes A Holiday Look! (review)


One of the names in the cosmetic world that I've known for years is Hard Candy. When I first heard of them, {sometime in the 90's} they were THE brand to buy for nail polish. Hard Candy could be found in every Seventeen Magazine {this was my magazine of choice back then} as well as many other fashion mags. 

Was it just a fad?

I'm so happy to learn that Hard Candy is NOT a "fad" brand. They're still kickin' and are now popular for cosmetics as well as nail polish. {You can still get that cool, plastic ring with your purchase of nail polish by the way.}

I was eager to try out some makeup and Hard Candy was eager to join this year's Gift Guide. They sent me a set from their Mini Must Haves as well as some Lash Tinsel - Glitter Mascara. 

Inside the "Face Facts" Mini Must Haves set, I was given eye shadow primer, an applicator, 3 eye shadows, and a blush/bronzer combo with a brush.  I've been using this set pretty regularly now and I'm really liking it. The eye shadows are all shimmery in pink, purple, and gunmetal. With these three colors, I'm able to create a fun smoky eye look.

The eye shadow primer comes in quite handy too. I really don't like when I go to all the trouble to make a smoky eye look with my eye shadow only to have it fade a few hours later. After applying a very small amount of the eye shadow primer to each eyelid, {from eyelash to eyebrow} my eye makeup doesn't budge. Once I have it where I want it, I don't have to worry about it fading at all. In fact, the shimmery colors glitter a bit more than they do without the primer applied.

The blush and bronzer in the set are also very nice. I love the shimmery pink of the blush. It's just enough to give a hint of color to my cheekbones without overdoing it. The bronzer is something I wear just to give my face a natural glow. If you've ever seen me, you'll know that a "warm glow" is not natural for me at all since I'm very fair skinned. However, the bronzer brings a warmth to my complexion that looks natural and not orange-y at all. I love this!

BUY IT: You can purchase the Face Facts Mini Must Have set for about $5!!

Now, you may be wondering about the Lash Tinsel - Glitter Mascara. To be honest, I kind of was wondering about it myself. "I'm not sure I want gold, glittering eyelashes" is what I thought. First, let me tell you, the Lash Tinsel is available in 6 different colors. So if gold isn't your thing, they have a color that may work a bit better for you. Honestly, after trying this out, I'd love to have the Spellbound {black} Lash Tinsel.

Here's what I've learned through playing around with the Lash Tinsel. It can be worn alone for an all-out, glittering look. If you're going to a fun Holiday or New Year's party, you may want to add this to your look. However, if you just want a hint of glitter, that can be done as well. The Lash Tinsel mascara is gel based so it can be worn alone or added to something else. The way I like to wear it {yup, I do like to wear it} is over my own, black mascara. This way, I have just hints of glitter here and there in my eyelashes. This may get someone's attention but it certainly wouldn't get a "WHOA" reaction. Does that make sense? I love the glitter look for the winter season but I also like to do things simply.That's just how I roll.

BUY IT: You can buy Lash Tinsel for about $5!!

*These are perfect stocking stuffers.*

Now, if you're buying for me, I'd also like the following items added to my stocking. ;)

**Hard Candy can be found in Walmart stores.**

**Thanks to Hard Candy for supplying the complimentary, mentioned items to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any other way for this review. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the products being reviewed. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**



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