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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Loving This New Song and Some News

We're BIG 'OL TobyMac fans here in this house. Obviously, when I heard this song was a free download on iTunes, I jumped over and snatched it up. I've been jamming it ever since.

Go ahead and hit "play" to listen to the song while you read the rest of the post. There's no video to watch with it. ;)

That brings me to my "news".

I'm closing up the laptop and taking a break from blogging for a bit. Not forever long, though. I just want to enjoy time with my family and end the year on a great note. 

For us, Christmas is one of the greatest stories to rejoice in together. Alex is starting to wrap his brain around "baby Jesus" coming to earth and he's very excited about it. We've had conversations, stories, and play time and will be wrapping it up with Christmas Eve service at our church with family. Afterward, I'll be hosting dinner for the family {wish me luck} and enjoying my time with them. 

I may get a post or two up next week but I'll be playing that by ear. 

For now, I'm gonna dash. I have things to get ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in our home. 

I pray you have a blessed and Merry Christmas. Hug your family, count your blessings, and think on the gift we were all given that very first Noel. :)



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