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Friday, December 17, 2010

So So SO Busy!

Wowee, wow! I have such a nuts-o {in a good way} day ahead of me. Today, I take a "big girl" step and will try a completely new look. I'm talking cut and color.

I'm naturally a strawberry blond and every. single. time. I dye my hair, I go with something in the red family. It's something that looks natural on me and I like it.


Today? Today I will NOT go red. uh-uh

Of all the shades out there, can you guess which one I'll choose?

I'm not telling but I'll try to post a pic later {if not today, tomorrow for sure}

And my hair. Oh, boy, am I tired of this "all one length" thing. I need to mix it up and do something fun.

Later on, {after I'm totally dolled up} I have reservations for dinner at a very nice place and then I'm off to the theater to see Mary Poppins. phew!

 I'm excited for my day so let it begin! I'm off to get my house in order before my *ahem* stylist comes over. VIP treatment all the way!!  :)

Is this what I'll look like after all the busyness? lol



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