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Sunday, January 30, 2011

...And Then The Tears Came

At the closing of the Blissdom conference, I headed back to my hotel room to prepare for the "Girls Night In" and felt completely overwhelmed. I had spent 2 days writing down amazing insight that I was given. I had spent 2 days meeting new people and making new friends. I had completely invested myself and my mind in this conference and what I was able to take away with me was almost too much.

I was completely overwhelmed with a sense of GRATITUDE. I was grateful to One2One for the conference pass and hotel room, to the brands who sponsored everything,to the women I encountered who made me feel like I mattered, to my husband and extended family back home who were making sure my kiddos were cared for, and for the experience itself. More than anything, though, I was grateful that I had enjoyed everything the conference had to offer with the knowledge that I deserved all of it.

...And then the tears came.

I can't remember the last time I allowed myself to be present and enjoy something that was meant just for me without attaching guilt to it. I truly did find my bliss in Nashville and really hope to be able to attend another conference soon. Thank you to EVERYONE who made Blissdom an incredible experience.

P.S. I hope to be sharing some of what I learned with you. I have many notes to go through and thoughts to process but I'll share what I can as it all starts to sink in.

**I won a prize pack from One2One Network that covered my conference pass and hotel room. Everything else was up to me. As always, these are my opinions and others may not have had the same experience.


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